House poor. The term refers to anyone who spends the majority of their income on their housing expenses. With the average list price of a condo in Toronto being $818,031 while the median household income is $73,373 we can understand why many feel that being house poor is inevitable for those who dream of being a homeowner. However, buying more than you can afford is never a good idea. We believe there is a better way to build home equity without sacrificing your quality of life and the things that are important to you. 

Modern problems require innovative solutions. Enter co-ownership.

5 benefits of co-owning real estate with Key.

No need to worry about a mortgage.

Something that’s unique about the Key model is that you can start building home equity and living in your dream space without being burdened by a mortgage. You have the freedom to live and enjoy the community that you’re a part of. Plus our model only requires a 2.5% initial down payment. Try it for yourself with our home equity calculator.

Access to more neighbourhoods.

Becoming an owner-resident means being able to stay in the city that you love without a long and sometimes expensive commute. We have upcoming suites in some of the most vibrant Toronto neighbourhoods and without the burden of cost, you have the freedom to choose which one is the right home for you.

Building home equity that suits you.

By living in a Key suite you are also the co-owner. This means that the percentage of home equity that you own can appreciate with the Toronto real estate market. You can also choose to buy more equity or sell at your own pace. The more equity you own, the lower your monthly payment will be.

The benefits of owning and the freedoms of renting.

All Key owner-residents build equity, and when you decide to move, we’ll take care of the paper work for you. No need to worry about selling or finding another person to take over your space, you can focus on you while we do the rest.

A budding community

Community means a lot to us, whether it’s the physical community you’re residing in or a community of interest with like minded people. Co-owning with Key enables you to be an active part of creating our Key community. Whether it’s starting a book club or screening the NBA finals, we hope to create another channel for connecting through the Key community.

Co-owning with Key means building equity and being empowered to make choices that fit your lifestyle, without the burden of being house poor. Through our unique co-equity model you can begin your homeownership journey while living in the heart of the city and enjoying the amenities that city living has to offer!