Co-ownership or co-equity models for real estate are innovative new models that provide the best of both worlds for prospective homeowners; the benefits of owning with the freedoms of renting. Since launching in December 2020, we’ve welcomed 20 Owner-Residents living in 14 Key suites. They all chose our innovative co-ownership model for different reasons, here are a few of them.  

Building home equity 

Many Owner-Residents had initially set out to buy a condo the traditional way but quickly realized that it was out of reach unless they wanted to move out of the city. Saving up for a downpayment can feel impossible, especially in cities like Toronto where housing prices are growing at significantly faster rates than average income levels. As one of our Owner-Residents put it: “It takes a long, long time on your own to save enough for a downpayment.” 

Like many Torontonians, some of our Owner-Residents had already lost out on bidding wars and were going to give up on their dream of ownership completely. Then they heard about the option of co-equity. 


Flexibility was important to our Owner-Resident who was just moving back to Canada after years spent abroad. Not knowing exactly where they wanted to land, Key’s co-ownership model (which doesn’t require a mortgage and only requires 75-days’ notice when you’re ready to move out), was the perfect fit as they decided their next move. 

Key allowed them to build equity in real estate and was the perfect stepping stone before purchasing a home the traditional way in Kitchener. 

Security of tenancy

 One of the benefits of co-ownership compared to renting is security of tenancy. This was important for one of our Owner-Resident’s and her young son. She was looking for a way to get into the market and build home equity, while also securing a great place to live and a school for her son. 

With Key’s co-equity model you don’t have to worry about that dreaded 60-day notice; the suite is yours to live in for as long as you like! 

Living downtown and enjoying all that Toronto has to offer

At Key, commuting to work is for someone else. Many of our Owner-Residents knew that if they wanted to own, they would likely need to move out of the city–something they weren’t willing to do. “Am I going to add 1 ½ hours each way to my commute just to be able to say I bought something?” 

Key allows them to grow home equity while still living downtown and enjoying all that city living has to offer. 


Homeownership without a mortgage 

Many of our Owner-Residents are entrepreneurs and gig workers who appreciate the innovative approach to real estate ownership that doesn’t require a mortgage. It can be difficult to qualify for a mortgage if you’re self-employed and Key’s model is the perfect solution for them to start building home equity years sooner. 

If you’re curious about our co-equity model, learn how it works, and find out if co-ownership is the right fit for you.