Are you on the hunt for a great podcast to keep you motivated and up-to-date on the latest trends in the real estate space? There are some great real estate podcasts out there to help you whether you’re a realtor, someone looking to invest in real estate or are an aspiring (or brand new) homeowner. 

Below, you’ll find nine podcasts worth adding to your morning routine. These shows have proven to be extremely effective (and entertaining!) educational resources for realtors, home owners and investors alike. 

Podcasts for the realtor:

Kevin Ward’s YES Talk | Real Estate Coaching and Success Training for Agents

Kevin Ward is an internationally recognized speaker and real estate trainer, in this podcast he provides training on skills, strategies, systems, scripts and the success mindset for top-producing real estate agents. These are easy listening episodes, with most coming in under 20 minutes. 

Multiple Offers

A real estate show that takes you inside the Vancouver real estate industry, hosted by licensed realtors, Geoff McLennan, Jeremy Rae and Matt Brabbin. In these unusual times, it will be interesting to see what new norms emerge in a hot market like Vancouver.

The Agents of Change: SEO, Social Media and Mobile Marketing for Small Business 

Rich Brooks hosts this powerhouse of a podcast with advice for small business owners on all things marketing to help increase your online visibility and drive more qualified traffic to your site. This episode on unpacking a successful Facebook ads campaign will be interesting for most agents.

Podcasts for the real estate investor: 

The truth about real estate investing for Canadians 

Hosted by Erwin Szeto this podcast is made for Canadians and features in-depth interviews with people finding and creating success through real estate investing. It covers a wide range of guests and topics including interviews with Grant Cardone, conversations about blockchain and real estate, and investing in different markets across Canada. 

Notorious ROB Podcast

This is a favourite of the Key team (our own Mark McLean, VP, Business Development was recently interviewed and is the first Canadian to appear on the show!), where Rob Hahn, a real estate veteran and managing partner of 7DS Associates, hosts people and companies you should know about on his Notorious Interview. Many of the Notorious ROB episodes are subscriber-only content, but you can also listen to his podcast Industry Relations with Rob Hahn and Greg Robertson for more insights. 

BiggerPockets Podcast

Join the 1.3 million people listening to the BiggerPockets Podcast. It features conversations about failures, successes, motivations and lessons learned with actionable advice from investors and real estate professionals. It’s co-hosted by Brand Turner, David Greene and Joshua Dorkin, with new episodes every week (there are 300 and counting!). 

Podcasts for the homeowner or prospective homeowner: 

Real Estate Today Radio

While this is a US-focused podcast, there are definitely key takeaways for Canadians, as well as some fun history lessons along the way (ever wondered what real estate was like in the 1920s?). This podcast is more along the lines of a real estate radio show, and discusses everything from home buying to millennials, thinking like an “inspector” and shares episodes with perspectives for buyers and sellers. 

Young House Love Has a Podcast 

Conversations about home improvement, design and life at home from popular bloggers and authors Sherry and John Petersik behind the blog and brand Young House Love. 

Afford Anything Podcast 

While not entirely real estate focused (though this real estate episode is worth listening to), Paula Pant interviews a diverse array of entrepreneurs, early retirees, millionaires, investors and more around daily decisions about how to spend money, time and energy. If you’re in the midst of saving for a down payment, this podcast is worth a listen. 

Add some of these podcasts to your daily routine–you’ll be glad you did!