Has the fear of renoviction & endless searching for ‘apartments for rent’ made being a first time home buyer even more appealing?

You’re far from alone. While landlords and current homeowners in the Toronto housing market have benefitted from double-digit growth in the last 10 years, renters are stuck with high rents & the constant worry of 60 days notice from their landlords. Renovictions are the latest trend. No wonder the idea of being a first time home buyer is so appealing.

Imagine having a place to call home for as long as you want in the Toronto housing market. Imagine designing your home in ways that reflect your unique personality and tastes. Imagine having neighbours who care as much about their home and community as you do because they also own.

Now, imagine celebrating with your friends and family after you become a first time home buyer. It’s closer than you thought possible.

Key was created to help more first time buyers stop the endless ‘apartments for rent’ search by giving them an innovative way to enjoy all the benefits of owning in the Toronto housing market years sooner.

With our new model, you’ll be part of a community where everyone owns just like you. You’ll also benefit from all the ways we leverage technology to streamline home management and ownership and facilitate community.

We’re excited to be launching in the Toronto housing market. We’d love you to share our journey and look forward to welcoming our new neighbours.