Your path to

Your path to

Our patent-pending model makes homeownership more accessible and flexible for owner residents.

Own without giving up freedom & flexibility.

Stop worrying about that dreaded 60-day notice and tying up your cash in a mortgage. Our innovative model saves the hassles and a minimum of 6% of the costs involved with buying and selling real estate. As an added benefit, after your first year, it only takes 75 days’ notice to sell.

Easily add to your home equity.

Instead of taking on massive debt and being locked into large monthly payments, Key’s Owner-Residents can add to their home equity on their terms. So, you’re welcome to invest more at any time and in any amount that works for you.

Benefit from best-in-class property management.

By professionally managing a large portfolio of suites and buildings, Key can deliver efficiencies and cost-savings that benefit our Owner-Residents.

Be part of a thriving community.

Key is committed to nurturing community and creating vertical neighbourhoods where everyone feels welcome. Our desirable suites are designed to attract like-minded people who care about similar things, like innovation, sustainability and the environment.

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