Finding a place to call home is anything but sweet

The Toronto housing market has every first time buyer scouring MLS, Craigslist Toronto and punching numbers into a mortgage calculator to try to find a way to break into the market without breaking their bank account. While many adjectives leap to mind to describe the process, sweet certainly isn’t one of them.

Finding your first home should feel more like an exciting adventure than a gruelling challenge.

After all, home is where we express our creativity and individuality, connect with the people we care about, and find comfort after a chaotic day. As a first time buyer, achieving this seems daunting, especially in the Toronto housing market.

Two major obstacles a first time buyer faces are: qualifying for a mortgage and saving enough for a down payment. Trying to make it work typically leads to the constant tumbling of numbers on a mortgage calculator to see if there’s any way to accelerate the process.

Seeing too many people struggle led to Key creating a new model that doesn’t require people to qualify for a mortgage. Our approach only requires a minimum of $15,000, so you can spend more time building real estate wealth and less time saving for the typical 20% down payment.

The benefits of home go beyond the financial security and opportunity to benefit from building wealth as you watch your real estate investment grow.

Research abounds on the many additional benefits of homeownership. Being part of a community where everyone is an owner creates caring neighbourhoods.

It also contributes to healthier families, less stress and children doing better in school.

In the Toronto housing market, where ownership is often out of reach for a first time home buyer, these benefits are lost. That’s one reason why we’re creating vertical neighbourhoods where people can live and thrive.


Creating a new way for a first time home buyer to have their own “home sweet home” inspires us. No mortgage calculator required!

We’re excited to launch in the Toronto housing market and then expand globally.


We’d love you to share our journey and we look forward to welcoming our new neighbours.