A sense of community has changed over the years; today it’s common that people don’t know their neighbours! There is a need to create communities where people are able to feel that they can live, thrive and feel at home in their neighbourhood.

Loneliness is one of the biggest challenges facing cities all over the world today. In fact, according to a Statistics Canada survey, over 1 in 10 people living in Canada have reported being lonely all or most of the time. With the pandemic raging on as many cities go through lockdowns and restrictions, it’s understandable that many people are experiencing the feeling of isolation from their familial and social surroundings.

Community is something that’s incredibly important to us at Key. In 2021 we welcomed 26 new Owner-Residents into Key suites. From school teachers to architects, gig workers and more, this diverse group is what makes our budding community at Key so special.

We’re thrilled to continue to grow our budding community of Owner-Residents in 2022. We believe that a city can still be a close community, and we’re dedicated to bringing together like-minded people while giving them the benefits of urban living.

Attracting like-minded people

All of our Owner-Residents at Key come from very different backgrounds, both professionally and personally. We have front-line workers, teachers, entrepreneurs as well as singles, couples, families and a handful of furry friends.

While they all have different backgrounds, our Owner-Residents are still connected through like-minded interests. Our desirable suites are designed to attract like-minded people who care about similar things, like innovation, sustainability and the environment.

Many of our Owner-Residents chose Key for similar reasons, such as the flexibility that our model offers. Learn more about why our Owner-Residents chose co-ownership.

Bringing community together

At Key, Owner-Residents can connect through some of the events we host. It is important to us that our Owner-Residents can get to know the community they live in. At least once a quarter we try to get our Owner-Residents together so they can get to know each other, and the Key team better to further enable this sense of community.

With our events, we enable community not just in the social sense but also in the geographical sense. We pick local restaurants that are nearby our residential buildings so that residents get a chance to explore the area and get a taste for what is around them.

One of our Owner-Resident social events from this past fall!

Getting together at these events can allow for people to connect and bond over their shared interests. Many of our Owner-Residents have shared some of their experiences and passions, such as traveling, the different languages they speak, or the same fields they work in. We also have many Owner-Residents who play a variety of instruments and have an interest in the arts.

Experiencing Downtown Living

Our Owner-Residents at Key get to enjoy being part of a close community while still experiencing the perks of living in downtown Toronto. Our Key suites are situated in vibrant and trendy neighbourhoods, like King West, Triangle Park and St. Lawrence. Owner-Residents living in these buildings get to be within walking distance from many beautiful parks, venues,  historical landmarks, various events as well as many different cuisines to go to.

Feeling a part of a community whether it’s through an experience, a hobby or anything else can create a sense of belonging and wellbeing, as well as encourage people to get to know each other.

If you’re interested in becoming a co-owner with Key and joining our community of Owner-Residents to start the next phase of your homeownership journey, you can learn more about how our model works and if co-owning real estate with Key makes sense for you.