As a born and raised Toronto renter, I just assumed that would be my future. So many people around me – from friends to family to colleagues – are renting and like me, have a renter mentality because owning has always seemed so out of reach. 

And then I joined Key.

While going through the interview process and looking at Key’s website, I kept thinking to myself, “What’s the catch?”. I was amazed to learn there is no catch. You can start owning with 2.5%. Key works with large, institutional investors who also see residential real estate as a great investment. These investors fund most of the real estate, which is how people like me can start owning with just 2.5%. 

To me, seeing is believing. Working at Key, my role starts when our co-owners begin preparing to move into their new home. As a community specialist, I’m responsible for making the move as hassle-free as possible, complete with some fun, surprise-and-delight moments. Month after month I kept seeing people moving in and becoming homeowners; that’s when it dawned on me that I could be next!

Around the fourth Key owner-resident move in, I found myself calculating how to be next. I did the math and realized that becoming the next owner-resident with Key is a completely attainable goal. That mindset shift–having something to work towards and the possibility of becoming a homeowner within a realistic time frame–is one of the best feelings I’ve experienced in 2021.

With Key, a lot of the traditional barriers of owning a home no longer stand in the way. Everything from qualifying for a mortgage, passing the stress test, saving a massive downpayment, and trying to win in crazy bidding wars are no longer barriers.

Becoming a homeowner is something I never thought would be possible for me. I’m amazed by the realization that I can go from being a lifetime renter to a homeowner. It also means I can build personal wealth instead of making my landlord richer. Plus, I no longer have to be at the mercy of 60-days notice or renting regulations. I’m excited that I can build something for myself that is both tangible and life changing.

I was intrigued by Key’s vision when I joined the company. Now I’ve experienced firsthand how it makes homeownership possible and accessible. It truly is the future of real estate for everyone and I look forward to adding the title of Key owner-resident to my role as Key Community Specialist.