This summer marks a very special milestone at Key, as many of our first Owner-Residents are celebrating one-year of co-owning their Key suite. 

From moving in our very first Owner-Resident early last year, to growing a community of now over 40 Owner-Residents who are able to enjoy the financial and social benefits of ownership, we are proud to have enabled more Canadians to start owning many years sooner. 

To celebrate this exciting milestone, we sat down with one of our first Owner-Residents, Keisha, to ask her about her experience with Key over her first year. 

1. What have been the highlights of your first year with Key?

A: “My first year highlights would largely be based on the way in which the team welcomed me and made the experience of moving into my first place so special.”


At Key, we know that moving into your first home is amazing, but the process of moving? Not so much. Our community team works closely with all of our Owner-Residents to help ensure their moves are as seamless and smooth as possible.

2. When you think about the reasons why you wanted to own your home, how has Key delivered on those goals?

A: “I wanted to get my own home because the market is moving very quickly and I felt it would be easy to get left behind. That being said, buying in Toronto is a financial nightmare for working class individuals and Key made it possible as a result of the unique business model that allows for more freedoms.“

Like Keisha, many Canadians are worried about being left behind as the market continues appreciating, leading so many to give up on homeownership completely. In fact 9 in 10 aspiring Canadian homeowners feel locked out of ever owning a home. 

By providing a third option to real estate, Key is giving more Canadians the opportunity to get into the housing market and build home equity.

3. How has co-ownership enabled your lifestyle over the past year?

A: “As a result of co-ownership, I have been able to get into the housing market and build equity. Moreover, the financial freedom of not having a mortgage has allowed my partner and I to make other choices in order to move forward with other goals that we’ve had such as opening a business.”

Key’s model removes the two largest barriers to traditional homeownership: having to save a significant amount for a large down payment and the need to qualify for a mortgage (something that can be especially difficult if you’re self-employed). 

Removing the need to qualify for a mortgage is what allows for the incredible flexibility of Key’s model and gives our Owner-Residents the opportunity to live a lifestyle that suits them.

4. What’s your favourite part about being a Key Owner-Resident?

A: “Oscar and I have really enjoyed the socials that are hosted by Key which have been a nice way to build community while trying new things.“

Key's Owner-Resident Spring Social

A few times a year, the team at Key organizes social events for our Owner-Residents. This gives our Owner-Residents the opportunity to get to know each other, the team at Key, and explore their neighbourhood. 

We’re thrilled to have been able to help Keisha and many others get in and enjoy the benefits of homeownership over the past year,

If you’re interested in learning more about being an Owner-Resident with Key, learn more about what being a Key Owner-Resident is like, and hear from our other Owner-Residents celebrating their first year with Key.