Creating better economics.

Key’s Homeownership-as-a-Service (HaaS) technology creates a co-ownership platform that turns renters into Owner-Residents, while helping property owners achieve up to 15% better returns. 

How it works.

Through our technology platform, Key sources, qualifies, matches and initiates co-ownership between the property owner and Owner-Resident. The Owner-Resident becomes a co-owner by signing a forward purchase agreement with the property owner while also living in their home.Property owners benefit from improved occupancy rates, lower repair & maintenance, reduced turnover costs, and better quality tenants to name a few.

What's in it for me?


Attract higher quality residents faster, reducing vacancy costs, turnover and R&M costs.


Both the Property owner and Owner-Resident are protected under a private co-ownership agreement.


Easier and faster capital turnover. Gradually sell equity with tax-deferred deposits that can be deployed in other investments sooner.


Owner-Resident sourcing managed by Key. Property management, and repairs can also be managed by Key if desired.


Fully digital property and Owner-Resident management platform with comprehensive reports.

The results speak for themselves.

During our last inventory launch, 55% of homes sold within 48 hours.

We have a growing waitlist of consumers ready to fill your vacant homes. 

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