A new co-ownership model to help your clients, and grow your revenue in two exciting new ways.

Do you have a rental client struggling to buy right now?
Do you have clients who own a number of residential properties and are tired of bad tenants, low returns, or all the work required to manage their portfolio?
Key establishes co-ownership between the asset owner and Owner-Resident, in the form of a forward purchase agreement. It creates innovative ways to help your clients while creating new revenue streams for you. You can learn more about how we work with property owners here.

How Key’s co-ownership model works.

Key’s co-ownership model enables aspiring homebuyers to start owning with only 2.5% of the value of the suite they select to live in ($15k for most) and no need for a mortgage. They start building home equity from day one while living in their home and can benefit from leverage through our Co-financing Benefit


Key's patent-pending model also enables property owners to remove the headaches of managing residents while increasing the ROI on their portfolios. Through our technology platform, Key sources, qualifies, matches, and initiates co-ownership between the property owner and Owner-Resident. Property owners benefit from improved occupancy rates, lower repair & maintenance, reduced turnover costs, and better quality residents to name a few. Learn more about how we work with property owners

What's in it for me?


Create two dynamic new income streams by mobilizing segments of the market with these innovative new solutions.


Earn commissions with referrals to Key and we’ll save you time by managing all the details, tours, and paperwork.


Increased touchpoints with some of your most important clients.


Be on the leading edge of innovation and provide new solutions for homeownership.


Grow your customer base with solutions for new clients you haven’t been able to help.

How we work with REALTORS®.

You refer your clients to Key, and we take it from there while keeping you in the loop. Our goal is to make this process simple and straightforward for you; so we do the heavy lifting.

We pay commissions based on two types of referrals:

  1. A flat commission for a rental client who becomes an Owner-Resident and moves into a Key home. 
  2. If your client opts to add their properties to the Key platform, then you’ll receive a commission based on the value of the homes added to Key. 

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Are you a REALTOR®?

So is our VP Business Development, Mark McLean. In fact he was president of The Toronto Real Estate Board, founded Sotheby's International Realty in Toronto and was president of Get in touch with Mark, to learn how Key is creating a new model that can help grow your business.

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