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Meet the


The 1000-year-old model of homeownership needs an update.

Whether you’re locked into or locked out of the market, real estate just doesn’t work for far too many of us anymore. At Key, we’re simply not willing to accept it any longer.

That’s why we’re designing a new economic system for homeownership-on-demand that makes urban living possible again. Our patent-pending model enriches the world by enabling more people to own and without debt. We’re also creating better, sustainable communities that foster a sense of belonging. We’re leveraging technology to simplify and enhance our residents’ lives with our innovative “living-as-a-service” offering.

We’re creating a world where real estate can be a source of freedom and prosperity for everyone.


At Key we’re designing a new approach to real estate that is free from the burdens of commuting, cost-prohibitive down payments and the inflexibility that comes with a 25-year mortgage. We’re making urban living possible again.

Key provides a way for aspiring homeowners to prosper by starting to build home equity many years earlier than traditional homeownership.

Leadership Team

Everyone is welcome.

We believe diversity drives innovation, so we’re building a culture where difference is valued. We know that being inclusive across race, age, religion, gender, identity and experience makes us stronger and better at what we do. We welcome everyone who is driven to perform and excited to help create a world where real estate is a source of financial and social prosperity and freedom for everyone.

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