Today, when 1 in 3 people living in cities don’t even know one of their neighbours, the need to create communities where people can live and thrive is clear.

There’s a great deal of research about what makes people happy. Time and time again, it leads to the same answer: Strong relationships that make us feel connected to one another is key to happiness. Yet, across the country, up to 30% of Canadians of all ages report persistent social isolation and loneliness.

Most condos feel cold and isolated, with looming empty halls and limited opportunities to meet neighbours

According to researchers, feelings of social isolation are especially prevalent in the downtown core and with young people. Across cities like the Toronto housing market, people between 25 to 29 years old exhibit the lowest levels of social capital, which is “the essential ‘lubricant’ that binds people together as a city.”

Loneliness and isolation are even larger issues in condominiums, where people share elevators with strangers who live in the same building and not even a hello is exchanged.

A Vancouver study found condominium dwellers reported a significantly higher difficulty in making friends. They feel less welcome in their neighbourhood. They’re less likely to know their neighbours and also more likely to avoid interacting with strangers. A condominium where residents rarely interact is merely a place, but hardly a community.

That’s why our mission at Key goes well beyond making homeownership more accessible for a first time home buyer. We’re committed to creating a sense of community in cities where it is too often lacking.

Our vision is to replace condominiums where everyone is a stranger with vertical neighbourboods that nurture interactions and foster a sense of belonging and shared pride of ownership.

Key communities will feature amazing upscale common areas including rooftop patios, lounges, dog play centres and state-of-the-art workout facilities.

Imagine living in a community where people don’t just say hi in elevators, they connect over shared interests. Whether it’s a weekly running club, gourmet cooking classes, dog training or planning your trek to Nepal, Key will make it easy for neighbours with similar passions to come together.

Now imagine being able to easily extend your community beyond your current building to people living in Key communities across Toronto and top cities around the world. We’re starting in the Toronto housing market with tier one condominiums in the downtown core and then expanding globally. So, you can be part of an international community and easily connect both offline and online with people who share your interests.

Our innovative model also uniquely offers the flexibility of renting with all the benefits of owning. You don’t need a mortgage. Plus, you can move to a different home without the typical hassle and costs involved with buying and selling. So, if life requires you to move to a new city or bigger condominium where there’s a Key community, you can do it easily and quickly.

We each spend so much time in the place we call home. Too much time not to make the most of it by engaging and sharing with the people around us and turning strangers into neighbours and friends. That’s why everyone at Key is passionate about building vertical neighbourhoods where people can live and thrive. So, won’t you be our neighbour?”

“Our world hangs like a magnificent jewel in the vastness of space. Every one of us is a facet of that jewel. And in the perspective of infinity, our differences are infinitesimal. We are intimately related. May we never pretend that we are not.” — Mr. Rogers