With so many Canadians locked out of traditional owning, more and more aspiring homeowners are losing hope everyday. 

With Key’s co-ownership model, we want to allow more people the opportunity to become a homeowner. We are seeking to expand the options that allow people to enter the homeownership market.

Enter co-ownership, with our innovative model, the initial home equity investment starts from 2.5% of the value of your suite depending on the building, which will be around $15k for many. As an Owner-Resident with Key, you are not tied into a long term mortgage, and can build home equity at your own pace. Learn more about how our model works here. 

There are many social and financial benefits that come with being an Owner-Resident with Key, here is a glimpse into what life at Key really looks like. 

Move-in day 

Moving can be one of life’s biggest challenges and stresses. Key eases a lot of the stress by working with our Owner-Residents and the building simultaneously to ensure all documents are in order and elevators are booked for your move-in day.

Key also ensures that each suite is ready for you when you arrive at your new home. Each suite is professionally cleaned so you will not have to worry about cleaning beforehand. 

Essentials are also given. We don’t want you to worry about the small things! All Owner-Residents will find a welcome kit in their new homes–we’ll keep the items in the welcome kit as a surprise. 

Monthly payments

Monthly payments are a streamlined process with Key. On the 25th of every month, each Owner-Resident receives a personalized invoice detailing what will be debited from their account. Details like the monthly residency payment, parking and locker charges and other charges are also detailed. This gives every Owner-Resident time to review each invoice and if there is a question they can contact the community team to get it resolved. 

As an Owner-Resident with Key, you have access to our Owner-Resident dashboard. Each Owner-Resident has their own personal dashboard which displays their suite information, co-ownership interest (including your equity details) and monthly payment details. You also have the option to buy more equity on the dashboard. 

Curious what your home equity and monthly payments could look like? Try out our home equity calculator. 

Community events

At Key, community is very important to us. We want people to get to know their neighbours.

We host Owner-Resident events throughout the year  for our Owner-Residents so they can get to know each other and the team at Key. We select a venue that is near one of our buildings, so that everyone has the opportunity to get to know their neighbourhoods,

Becoming an Owner-resident gives you the ability to own real estate and not a mortgage, so you can start owning and building home equity many years sooner. By joining Key and becoming an Owner-Resident you are also joining a budding community.

If you’re interested in learning more about being an Owner-Resident with Key, learn more about why our Owner-Residents chose Key and who they are.